London Fall 2016 Tour Review!

Our friend Sandy (aka Alexander Mackenzie Bear) recently completed his first Stuffie Tour guide gig, although he has been traveling the world and leading adventures for many years! Our other friend, Little Fox, was able to join Sandy on this tour to London, where he met our other friend Beanie Mouse. Here’s what Little Fox had to say about the trip:

“I had a wonderful time on the Stuffie Tours 2016 London trip.  My humans received daily email updates from the tour guides including where I was, what I ate, and what I did.  The tour guide also sent a post card and souvenirs to my humans.  After the trip my humans also received over 300 photos of me, my tour guide, and the other tour participants.  The trip was very well organized, planned and communication between tour leader and guest was excellent.  It was a great experience and trip.  Thank you.”

Sounds like a great trip – stay tuned for more trips from Stuffie Tours!

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