A travel agency for stuffed animals.

Send your stuffed animal on an adventure.

You're also helping a real animal. We donate 5% of tour fees to local animal rescue efforts.

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Book a trip then send your stuffed animal to us (weight restrictions apply). We’ll let you know when it’s arrived.


Follow us on social media for real-time trip updates, then check your mailbox for a handwritten postcard sent from your friend.

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We’ll send your stuffed animal home with a souvenir and give you access to all tour photos online.


We are constantly adding new and exciting tours!


A travel agency for stuffed animals, by stuffed animals.
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Ajdin Adilovic

Founder & CEO, Tour Guide
Inspired by his love of travel, Ajdin founded Stuffie Tours in 2016 with the goal of bringing adventure to all stuffed animals. He also blogs regularly at www.lifeisbearygood.com. Ajdin loves honey and salmon.
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Arthur Tibbs

Arthur is Ajdin’s rather large sidekick and confidant. He brings his wealth of knowledge from various fields such as math, science, physics, and foreign languages. He enjoys fishing, karate, and cooking BBQ.
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Quality Assurance
Ooogie is a turtle. He might speak a little slooooowly but he is very thorough, which is why he excels at quality assurance for Stuffie Tours. Ooogie enjoys puzzles and meditation.


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